Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Johnny R. admits an ignorance to all things Green.

Shoes, shoes, shoes… This was definitely a fun challenge. I’m truthfully not really familiar with eco-friendly or eco-safe products so this challenge was very foreign to me. It was a complete shock that I won the mini challenge. I just wanted to do something fairly simple that my friends would want to wear. I wasn’t too fond of the original shoe at all. I wish I would have won immunity instead of hookin’ up them farm animals. Well either way it was fun and my shoes will be made. It was a shame to see my roomie Andrew leave he was a really nice guy and I feel I really judged him before I met him. He is a smart guy with a successful business. I see us really becoming friends when I get back to LA. Btw, I thought my dress for the fashion show was cute. I wish I would have gotten a lil’ feedback but Kelly did say after the show she wanted my dress so that was definitely way cool.

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