So Excited

Andrew just can't hide his joy over his first win.

Today is our third elimination day; our challenge is to create an outerwear piece that has a hidden function. My hidden function on my design is protection from the elements. I hope this is enough to impress the judges. I know the judges think I am being safe with my designs, but I always try to create something that is wearable, and that people can us in their everyday lives.

I just finished my project in time to take it to the runway for the Fashion Show. Backstage I am watching the judge’s reactions to my jacket and it seems like they love it. So it’s time for judging and my team is the winning team. I really can’t believe it. The judges bring out the two best jackets and my jacket is one of them. Kelly says it is her favorite jacket of the show. I am so excited; words can’t even describe how happy I am. The judges announce that my design is the winning design and will be sold nationally. I am so excited that I won Challenge Three. I plan to continue to work hard and impress the judges.

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