Teaming Up with Daniella

Reco dishes on his and Daniella's collaboration

Wow!!!! No I can’t see in the future but somehow I knew I was going to be teamed up with Daniella for the Mini Challenge and the Elimination Challenge as well and we were. During the Mini Challenge she was extremely pushy until she saw that none of her ideas worked on the type of body our intern had. She was larger than the other girls with no waistline. I decided to make a piece of fabric into a cardigan press when we finished she convinced me to do the talking so I agreed. When Laura Brown and Becki Newton asked who decided to make the dress she told them we both decided on it. I knew then to keep my ears and eyes open because she always wanted to make herself look good. The Elimination Challenge started and ended in a mess as well. Unwilling to compromise and being just plain selfish, Daniella’s attitude had us on the bottom and I have to defend myself by throwing her under the bus. I complain to the judges how she didn’t want to use any of my ideas nor was willing to compromise on the total look. Everything was made well but it looked so out of fashion, reflecting her style and not mine. Maybe she will listen next time if there is one.

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