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Thanks, Haven

Reco reveals what Haven whispered in his ear before she left.

Now I’m Number One on the most hated list since I threw Daniella under the bus to protect myself. It’s  funny how a 20-year-old child can influence grown “folk.” I actually feel like I’m in High School with all the little childish games that’s been going on. From the Mini Challenge Anna received power to choose a designer from a list of several for each of us to work with. I was first up and she gave me Halston, someone who I wasn’t familiar with at all. Of course she gave her friends the designer they asked for … but I know in the end it will come to hurt her.

Well I guess Anna’s plan worked because I was in the bottom two with Haven. As the judges attacked me I had nothing to fight back with because of my lack of knowledge on Halston. Will it be me, who didn’t know about Halston, or will it be Haven who knows everything about her designer YSL? By the end of the elimination Haven told the judges how much I wanted this and my desire to stay and that she would go home. As I cried, she whispered in my ear, "You better win. Don’t trust anyone because this is a competition." Thanks Haven.