The Next Level

Angel explains why she would have preferred to get more feedback from the judges.

We just finished another elimination day. Laura was taken off after a grueling back and forth between the judges and her teammates. She was in tears earlier in the day when an argument erupted between her and Haven. I think at the end of the day it had to do with personality conflicts. I was really sad. Not only did I lose another one of my roommates, she was also my yoga/workout partner.

My team was safe so Isaac, Kelly, and Fern didn’t say much to us. Isaac liked my belt but just said the dress should be a little shorter. I wished he had given me more constructive criticism. Instead that was saved for the losing team. These challenges have been fun and now I’m into my sewing grooves. I know how long it takes for me to do muslin, a pattern, and finally the final sample. Now, I want to focus more on the design and experimenting with new concepts. My last dress for the Tinsley Mortimer challenge had three layers to it: the black asymmetrical dress, the black tulle coverage, and the pink tulle covering. There are three options for looks – a serious one (just the dress), an edgy sophisticated one (add the black tulle), and a hint of fun (the pink tulle). I’d like to explore more of this multi-functionality and modular dressing in high-end pieces. I’ll take the next challenge as an opportunity to explore more of this design philosophy and take my work to the next level.

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