Well Done, Young Lady

Anna says how much it meant to her to have Isaac praise her winning look.

Yay! Final four! I was pretty confident with my dress going into the elimination but still was unsure about how it would be received because of the boldness of it. The print and the bow and the back detail and the crystals, all together had potential to be totally horrific so I am thrilled that it all worked. The moment Isaac shook his finger at me and said “well done young lady,” I just couldn’t help but tear up and totally lose it. I am just overwhelmed and delighted to have such influential people say such nice things about my clothes and beyond that congratulate me on my confidence. The fact of the matter is that I am confident about my talent and the direction I am taking and it has take me 10 years and these few weeks to really let go of my fears about what people are going to think of me and just do what I love. I am amazed that my true instinct is actually doing what I am afraid of not doing-pleasing my audience.
Overall, I am incredibly pleased that I have stayed poised and calm and true to myself the entire time and as a result I have never been in the bottom. I have worked well with and connected with many people here. In the end, I am not focused on winning this competition as much as I am excited about really showing the world what it is that I can do. I am also confident that this competition is not about how big someone’s personality is but how much heart they put into the actual work. All people respond to that.

P.S. I was not offended that they said my dress could end up on the worst dressed list. The most attractive people in the world to me are the bravest. Who wants to look like someone else anyway? What not stand out!

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