Haus of Bravo

We reflect on Calvin's future desigining maternity wear, and the grade the designs based on how easily one could dance to Earth, Wind, and Fire while wearing them in this week's blog.

Jan 18, 2011

In the words of Europe (and Gob from Arrested Development): It's the final countdown

This week the final four set sail on a casual boat cruise. But it's not all "I'm On A Boat" reenactments, there's a challenge in here too. The Final Four must work in teams one last time, and create outfits inspired by earth, wind, and air.

Faced with this Captain Planet challenge the designers fist bump their ring fingers together, and the collection appears magically, as though it was created by Mother Earth after a brief nap.

Well not exactly, but on the whole it was a rather drama-free festivus. Dominique decided it wasn't worth the huff and puff with Calvin and let him take the wheel as though she was Carrie Underwood and he was Jesus. And since Jeffrey and Cesar have been peas and carrots since day one, there was minimal conflict (save the rare time when Cesar called Jeffers a drag queen. A moo-moo does not a drag queen make Cesar!).

But just because the houses weren't in conflict doesn't mean some of the outfits didn't have us conflicted.