Haus of Bravo

We reflect on Calvin's future desigining maternity wear, and the grade the designs based on how easily one could dance to Earth, Wind, and Fire while wearing them in this week's blog.

Jan 18, 2011

The rest of the House of Nami had me divided. I appreciate that they were a little outside of the box, using black for water (as Calvin's illustrious feng shui knowledge has taught him) and camel, which I love, always, for everything.

But Dominique's girl scout in the snow outfit really gave me some pause. Sure there was something modern about pairing a windswept poncho with a pair of uniform shorts, if modern is Katniss Everdeen in the The Hunger Games (I was waiting for her to pull an explosive bow from behind that Ghostbusters Marshmellow man shirt any second and yell follow the Mockingjay!). Combine all of those issues with the Marcel Marceau makeup, and it was just a lot for me to process.

But some how, I liked it.

Even though the black tsnaumi dress was rather Madonna "Frozen" (never a bad video to steal from), and Calvin's camel coat was a little too shapless Olsen for my personal taste (at least combined with the billow black beneath), there was something so ballsy there it had to be rewarded. I would in fact wear that jacket-o with some skinny black pants while carrying a skim trenta Starbucks latte as though I had just trapised off the NYU campus and was on my way to cash a Full House residuals check. (Note: Maybe Calvin stole Dominique's jacket-making gene this challenge).

Over at the house of Emerald, things were not quite so grand.In the uber-expected sea of greens and blues, there were a few things had me screaming Man Overboard!

Cesar's hand-dyed jacket and dress combo looked as though it had dried stiffly after being pulled from the Titanic wreckage, while his seafoam green outfit looked like it had been belted with a stray piece of seaweed dredged from the bottom of that ship as well.

And then there was Jeffrey's Poseidon princess, who apparently just got off a 1980s tennis court with her white jacket. Perhaps it was one of those cruises with the tennis court on the boat and she had to wear it for dress code regulations.

Sure, their dresses were not horrifically offensive. I wasn't trying to avoid pregnancy for the duration of my life in fear of being forced to wear them like Calvin's dress, but they were also right bornng. Jeffrey's jazzy geometric dress and his skirt (which got it's moment in the sun later--don't hide your sarong under a bushel Jeffrey!) were really the only things that felt vibrant and new. Cesar's assymetrical dress was a triumph of mastery, but it also felt a little been there, toga-partied that. Hence, their barnacles were intertwined in the embrace of the bottom team.

But how would the judges decide who would go home. . .why with a B-A-N-A-N-A-S challenge: Remake the losing outfit in 30 minutes.