Haus of Bravo

We reflect on Calvin's future desigining maternity wear, and the grade the designs based on how easily one could dance to Earth, Wind, and Fire while wearing them in this week's blog.

Jan 18, 2011

So in less than the length of our show, the designers must right their wrongs (those same wrongs that helped them sew their dresses, right Kanye). Cesar attempts to soften his crunchy dress while Jeffrey disposes of

his Blane Mcdonough-collection jacket, replacing it with a sporty lavender-gray top with roll-up sleeves (want, I want).

This was really one of the more impressive things I've seen in a fashion reality competition, and just speaks to how great Jeffrey and Cesar are that they didn't just undo a seam or two and call it a day. They actually got in there and took the proverbial white-out to that report and redrafted their designs to something beautiful. Kudos to both of these wonderful men.

But in the end, there's a counting of cards and it's Jeffrey!

There's something I really love about Jeffrey's clothes. I want to live in a future where everyone wears his duster dresses, his sleek and sporty tops and long dresses. And when I close myself into my hyperbaric chamber each night, I'll smile knowing it all began with the Ultimate Collection. 

Next week is the finale and I'm so very excited. Who's going to win? What color will Jeffrey's duster be? Will Calvin actually say something nice? We have a week to ponder, so I'll leave you with those jump-offs.