Haus of Bravo

In this blog, we confess our love for Prince William, contraband street scarves, and grunge, and most of all this week's episode.

Dec 1, 2010

Before I even begin, this entire episode had me thinking of this.

So I thank you user Irollerdudek for uploading that video, which played intermittently whilst I was writing this entire blog. Charlie's dance haunts my dreams.

Plaid: So. Hot. Right. Now.

I refuse to travel without my buffalo check dress (my roommate calls it's my security blanket, but people in other cities need to see it). Kate and Wills are getting a Tartan for a wedding present (I got them a panini machine). I've even spent the morning accumulating all the Burberry knock-off scarves in Manhattan to swaddle myself in Andy-style for the remains of the day.

This was what I like to call an onion challenge. It's layered and it made me cry profusely. Time capsules. The past, but modern. But also cohesive with all those other pasts. 9/11. And plaid! Iman you are a cruel mistress.

I'm also pretty terrified most of the designers don't understand how the past works. C'mon Ro. Even if you're not a history buff, you've seen Apollo 13 right? Nobody was rocking shoulder pads while crying for Tom Hanks.