Haus of Bravo

From Lost Boys to lost loves, we hit the highlights of this week's misplaced metaphor-filled episode.

Dec 21, 2010

If a train covered in leopard and paisley is heading from New York City to the Hamptons at a speed of 50, while an umbrella-shrouded train is heading toward New York City from upstate NY at 60 miles per hour, at what point will they collide?

Well since I didn't take the SAT (Southerners love the ACT), I only learned the answer in this week's episode. The solution: about they time they hit the Hoboken train station.

This week's Lost and Found-themed episode was a doozie. Lost and found in public transit conjures up such a ridiculous treasure trove of finds. I was thinking of items similar to the ones depicted in this NYC subway ad.

So I was really looking forward to designs that incorporated dentures, and snakes, and canes, and leftover sammies and such.

Instead the designers managed to lay their hands on what was practically a recently restocked T.J.Maxx's worth of goods. People leave the strangest things in the New Jersey train station! I'm thinking these items were from whole lost suitcases, as opposed to travelers that just casually left a pair of leather pants in the seat next to them while they were reading the paper and waiting on the 5:40 to Secaucus.