Haus of Bravo

From Lost Boys to lost loves, we hit the highlights of this week's misplaced metaphor-filled episode.

Dec 21, 2010

But the materials never matter as much as the message, and this week's message was lost in translation. Lost at Sea. Land of the Lost. Lost Boys! Really, really, not good.

Iman was displeased for real. She refused to even use the word winner. As though saying winner was like speaking the name that shalln't be named in Harry Potter.

The outfits sort of looked like the designers went from forgetful travelers to Hoarders in no time. Clutching tightly to any hat, scarf, handbag or other piece of ephemera they could get their grubby paws on.

"Here take this hat to protect you from the cruel North Hampton sun and the dangerous wildlife."

"Shield your body from the rhinos with this peplum vest."

It did seem a bit like the House of Emerald really thought the Hamptons were a lot more similar to the plains of Africa than White Plains, New York. Cesar says she often goes to the Hamptons in this clip, but I'm not sure where he's staying. Perhaps in a tent with Meryl Streep and that's why he got confused, because this was some Out of Africa business.

However, Dominique really nailed it with her reverse-maneuver, inside-out trench and then, of course the umbrella dress. Dominique pulled her best Rihanna, while everyone else was desperately trying to cover all manner of sins with lost handbags.

Aside: next time you're in a car. I challenge you to play an instrumental version of the song as you cruise around. It makes everything happening on the street look so much more quaint and Rockwellian. Pedestrians appears instantly precious.