Haus of Bravo

From Lost Boys to lost loves, we hit the highlights of this week's misplaced metaphor-filled episode.

Dec 21, 2010

Calvin was not in his Fred Astaire happy place though, and claimed he was a little miffed that Dominique keeps doing the same dress. Calvin sort of has a point, but even though she's always doing a shift dress with a kicky coat, it's always a different feeling shift dress with a kicky coat. It's like saying, "Picasso, you used canvas again, I'm tired of you." Maybe I'm just saying this because I love a shift dress and a kicky coat (one of my secret reasons for moving to NYC was so I could copious coats without shame), but Dominique has consistently done more than I thought she could have.

Cesar is slowly turning into his tyrannt namesake. Not only is he ruling Cindy with an iron fist, he kept talking about how making swimsuits was like taking a dump. I have to say, while there is no item of clothing that I think should be referred to as "dump-similar" or "dump-esque," swimsuits might be actually the grossest. It conjures imagery of pools and floaters, and all sorts just awful, awful things. Shield your imagaination's eyes, I say.

But at the end of the day, his swimsuits managed to flounder to safety, and it was David's fully outfitted outfit that was left unclaimed. As he expounded on pecans, and told Dominique to give him a call post-show, we wondered what could have been. If he had fully realized such previous grievances as his Peter Pan dress and MJ's Grandmother's jumpsuit had been as realized as David's own duds. Was it the chains of love that held him back? We'll never know.

But I hope that we do know what shakes out with those two. Are they still together, sewing adorable outfits and playing the harmonica? Baking pecans into a pie filled with love? Wearing the plaid jumpsuit and forcing themselves to make clothes worthy of Iman.

A girl can dream, can't she?