Haus of Bravo

Come along as we look at this week's designs through the pop culture lens.

Nov 23, 2010

First of all, thanks for stopping by. I'll be sharing my pop-culture obssessed thoughts on each week's barrage of outfits (and drama, as needed), here. So we'd love it if your reveled in the looks with us.

This week's episode opens with everyone a bit pensive. The times, they are a-changing at the Ultimate Collection apartments. Even Calvin's questioning his previous actions, thinking, "Snap, maybe I goofed by being so cruel." Cesar doesn't want the House of Emerald to think of him as the team’s savior. And despite the new team Tamara's still got the jitters.

But before you can say, foreshadowing, the teams were off to Brooklyn (in fashion speak, that's like Idaho, but it's not far. I live there! The Real Housewives of New York City were fashionable there. I've been to Galapagos Art Space and I didn’t have to take an Amtrak. Don't hate). 

When they get there Iman is even more imposing than usual. Cloaked in smoke-machine fog and crinkly gold lame, it's was clear something was afoot. And then she lets it loose: IT'S A FEMME FATALE EPISODE.

This should have been like an Oprah's favorite things moment for the designers, with inspiration dropping down from the ceiling wearing angel wings. Barbara Stanwick, vampires, Mata Hari, Jessica Rabbit, Nico, Sharon Stone, Delilah! There's myriad options. Dazzle me with coquettes!

Oh also, you have 24 hours, Jack Bauer-style, so make it sultry and speedy.

The newly minted House of Emerald arrives at disco vampire, which to me conjured up images of Studio 54-meets-Interview with a Vampire (it could have worked: imagine mini-Kirstin Dunst's taffeta outfits tarted up and paired with Brad Pitt's ponytails).

Meanwhile, Nami decides to take on vampires as well, but instead of mingling theirs with disco dust (TCJD Zac Young, never forget), they choose to merge their vixens with '40s cinematic glamour, in a palette of purple and film noir.

At the fabric store, Emerald puts the picking in the hands of Cesar (except for Tamara, who was not leaving without her leather). Have we learned nothing about trusting everything to men named Cesar? Jewel tones can be tricky, and his choices (not to mention his decision to go with bargain-basement lace) are the first things Isaac mentions back at the workroom. Instead of picking lustrous hues, he ended up with a Disney princess/birthstone range that the judges didn't fall for.

Also, let's talk for a second about a few things Isaac said. One, he loves a good bra top. Who doesn't? Two: he does find inspiration in party girls, which just makes us all the more similar. We find inspiration in Party Girl. Then the big reveal, Isaac's never done drag. Really? A man that loves headbands that much has never gone beyond bandanas?