Haus of Bravo

Come along as we look at this week's designs through the pop culture lens.

Nov 23, 2010

Tamara mentions her femme fatale is Mary J. Bilge, who I adore, but we would have told Tamara to heed her anthem "No More Drama" and go along with the rest of the group -- that's the sort of streetwise knowledge that should have been percolating.

House of Nami really made it look easy. Dominique proves her cries of 'that's so cool" are warranted, with a glam lavender hooded jacket/dress combo. Calvin brought his game up to the rest of the house with a dramatic gown, albeit with movement issues (and a collar from the Eduardo playbook). Meanwhile Ro's tulle dress is very au courant (Black Swan, Kayne's "Runaway" video, my nightly ballet dreams that are shattered by klutziness) and sexy. And of course, there's Eduardo, who utilized some of his extra time to sew a structural neck-piece that got Iman's approval.

So it was hard to imagine this going any other way.

The House of Emearld was sent down the yellow brick road of shame (Golnessa's dress had striking similarities to the Ozian outfit I wore in my high school production of The Wizard of Oz). Their rainbow collection reminded me of another movie about the undead: Death Becomes Her (full disclosure: most things do). I kept waiting for Golnessa's models to have a suspicious hole in her stomach, or for Jeffrey to recite all of Isabella Rossellini's lines ('It's the right choice! It's the only choice!"). Then there was Cesar's dress, which looked like Batman villainess Harley Quinn, and Golnessa's that was the evil opposite of Dita Von Teese's (her teal should have been that turquoise, fabric-wise), plus it ripped, yikes. There were some bright spots: Cindy's dress (minus the zipper, we agree with you Dita), and those Beetlejuice headpieces.

Aside: Did anyone else want Dita to talk more? Like a lot more? I had never heard her voice before and was so curious. She had a non-regional dialect and wry wit that had me longing for her to pour herself a martini, and just talk us through the rest of the season.

Beyond the Vampire in Brooklyn collection, this episode was really about friendship. And what a sea-faring vessel it was! We're starting to see Cindy and Golnessa work- relationship expand. And then Cesar's mentoring Ro, which now crosses house lines (learn something from those politics, Senate). But most endearing of all was Calvin and Tamara. They are the cutest little pals, talking about 42nd street broads (which made us wish Tamara's dress had been more Sweet Charity), and ribbing on each other like real chums do. And when the King of Mean, offered to bow out for her, our heart grew Grinch-style. After Eduardo tossed him to the chopping block (much to the judges' chagrin), we were worried. He had shown he could do good work (with minimal diamante), and be a team player. We wanted more, so him staying was bittersweet. (Note: Self-sacrifice is very trendy this season.)

But what did you guys think? Were the judges right to not let Calvin toss himself out? Did Tamara deserve to go? What's a disco vampire's favorite song (probably Cheryl Lynn's "Got to Be Real" so it's legit human blood)?