Iman let us which collection was a bit of a snooze which deserved straight-to-DVD treatment

on Nov 23, 2010

Bravo: What other pieces did you really enjoy, or despise this week?
Iman: I loved Edwardo, Calvin, and Dominique’s designs. But, I wasn't crazy about Golnessa and Ro's outfits.

I really had a hard time eliminating Tamara because I think she is talented and needed more time but we were there to eliminate the weakest of the looks, and I think I did my job accordingly. After I eliminated her my hands started shaking...bless, Isaac, for holding my hands. We just lost the girl who made Calvin endearing to all of us! She showed us that he is human after all and not some crazy egoistic monster.
Bravo: What did you think of Calvin’s attempt at self-sacrifice?
Iman: Calvin is a snake they better all watch out... just kidding! I think he means well but is a bit an egocentric.