Iman discusses the final three, and what she think Jeffrey should do now.

on Jan 25, 2011

Bravo: So this week was the final three, and the designers are tasked with presenting a final ten-look collection. What were hoping to see from each of them in what they presented?

Iman: Their singular vision. Their ability to tell their own story in a collection and more importantly create a cohesive collection. They were all able to do this.

Bravo: But of course there was a twist: the designers had to create one look based on the judges' wishes. How did you guys come up with what they had to design, and why did you pick those items for each of them?

Iman: We wanted them to get out of their comfort zone and show us that they can create something that they don't normally do but that will still work in their collection.

Bravo: Let's start with Calvin's collection. He's definitely evolved and showed much simpler, more understated designs compared to the dress from the beginning of the season. What did you think of his collection?

Iman: Calvin's collection was beautiful and it showed why we kept him in the game for this long. He is not everyobdy's cup of tea, but he showed that he is a talented designer and not only with his deconstructed garments but with suits as well...oh, and a beautiful long evening red dress! He has put the naysayers to rest.