Iman discusses the final three, and what she think Jeffrey should do now.

on Jan 25, 2011

Bravo: Dominique, once again went bravely forth, dying fabrics and making some rather bold choices. You mentioned that a few of her designs weren’t particularly flatting, but what did you think of her collection on the whole?

Iman: I loved that Dominique learned something new on this show...fabric dying from Cesar! She is young and experimental, which takes courage and i applaud her for that. She has a singular vision, but needs to work on her technique and editing. But she is young and gifted, so time is on her side.

Bravo: For Jeffrey, his collection felt very modern and fresh, while still being very wearable and really flattering to the female form. What are your thoughts on his collection? What were some of your favorite looks and pieces from him?

Iman: I loved almost every piece that he put on the runway, and I was not the only one.
There was not a single woman in that room, including the highly stylish Mary J. Blige, who didn't want to own and wear at least one of his outfits. Mary actually wanted all of the collection and that is a coup on its own. His collection was wearable, wantable, and saleable...a triple threat in my opinion.

Bravo: And of course, Jeffrey was the winner. Tell us a bit about what you thought of his work over the season, and what you think could be next for him.

Iman: As I said on the show he was a surprise and he kept on moving and changing forward. He always trusted his own instincts and he evolved organically. He wisely chose the critiques and advice we gave him while, he forged forward towards his vision. The "eccentric glamour" episode was a game changer for him, and that's when we started taking major notice of him. He is soft spoken, but made of steelier backbone and that will serve him well in our industry. I would love him to save the money and maybe apprentice in some major houses and hone his craft. Then when he feels that he has learned what he needs, and learned how to navigate the scary landmine terrain that's called fashion...then he should embark on creating his own line. He did get an offer at J. Mendel for an apprenticeship! So proud of him and of us for sticking to our guns when it came to the finalists. Hail the "virgin queen."