Iman discusses this week's big twist, and her thoughts about Cesar's talents.

on Jan 19, 2011

Bravo: This week, we're down to the final four designers, and it was their last time working as houses. What did you think of the final four, were you surprised with who made it and how the houses evolved?

Iman: There were definitely surprises, especially who didn't make it to the finale as opposed to who did.

Bravo: This challenge to design something based on earth, wind, and water. What did you think of the designers' earthy inspired looks?

Iman: I think this ethereal challenge was a difficult one to pull off, but it lent itself to be a great spectacle of a fashion show

Bravo: The winning house was Nami, with their tan and black, avant garde collection. Why did you guys find it so successful?

Iman: It was experimental, arty, edgy and conceptual...something that no one has done so far in this show. The choice of colors was chic and the fabrics looked expensive, especially the camel color. Their show concept was theatrical, yet executed beautifully. It was fashion show as conceptual eye candy.

Bravo: Despite the House of Nami's win, Calvin's pregnancy dress was obviously a bit problematic. Why did you guys choose to ignore that misstep, and what did you really think about?

Iman: Seated where we are, we see everything upclose...the good, the bad, and the ugly--and this particular "pregnant" dress was a bad! But one bad dress doesn't kill the collection. We didn't want to throw out the unborn baby with the bath water so to speak! Say, what you may about Calvin but he came up with the winning concept.