Iman discusses her theory on accessories, her favorite pieces, and sending Eduardo home.

on Jan 10, 2011

Bravo: This week the designers really upped the ante, and you guys commended them on the level of skill they brought to the challenge. What do you think sparked them this time around? Why was this so impressive for the judges?

Iman: The credit goes single handedly to Simon! What a difference an episode makes. I think the "wacky" but beautiful accessories he chose is what sparked their imagination, and it showcased their unique take on "eccentric" glamour. It was truly a platform for us as judges to see (maybe for the first time) who these designers are, and, more importantly, who they could become.

Bravo: The big winner was Jeffrey who made two fantastic looks, particularly the dress that you seemed to be so taken with. What about it did you love so much?

Iman: It was sexy, modern, and timeless, and we were pleasantly surprised how he has grown and really came into his own in this episode. I can't wait to see what else he will come up with. I loved that it was a dress but had a feel of a caftan and I haven't met a caftan I didn't love! It reeked of chic-ness! Bravo!

Bravo: It was a bit of a love fest this week, so what other pieces did you really adore?

Iman: I loved Cesar's Joan Crawford-esque, '40's inspired look, very dramatic and chic. Dominque's long white dress was very theatrical and gorgeous and Calvin's short cocktail dress was sexy and beautifully executed.

Bravo: At the end it was Eduardo that had to go home, instead of Dominique. What was it that sealed the decision for you guys to send him home instead of her?

Iman: Eduardo has been designing the same ruffled dress since Episode 1! I have consistently given him my advice that women don't need another dress (definitely not a ruffled one, how many does a girl need?) and instead we want clothes that inspire us. But on every episode he kept on creating a variation of the same ruffled dress. The pants looked terribly made, and showed that he is a one-trick pony (short cocktail dresses with small or large ruffles are his specialty). He was the only who did not think out of the box and didn't evolve. And no, Eduardo, trust me we will not regret our decision. Darling, you are "out of fashion"!