Iman discusses the clothing choices of grandmothers, and the perils of on-set love.

on Nov 30, 2010

Bravo: Over at the House of Nami, the final two were Ro, for his safe and boxy 1969 look, and then David’s Michael Jackson/grandmother jumpsuit. What put them on the bottom, and what sent Ro home over David?

Iman: Ro seemed to be coasting for a while and hit a wall. His creation was awfully constructed and so bourgeois. Que'l disastre! It showed that he is not there yet in terms of the actual work of designing clothes, and he had no Cesar to save him.

David's on the other hand was "weird" and we didn't see any Michael Jackson reference, and no grandma I know would be caught dead in that jumpsuit! (Not that I know that many grandmas!) His design didn't have that elusive quality of chicness, which seems to elude him. What saved him over Ro is that his was more cohesive with his house.... he barely made the cut so let's see how he fares from now on.

Bravo: The contestants this year are very vocal, with Cesar self-sacrificing, and Calvin attempting to jump in for Calvin, and now Dominique defending David. What do you think of all the emotion?

Iman: Emotions are good as they are humanizing but I want to see more elevated designs and less emoting! Enough with the onslaught of emotions...after all this is The Fashion Show and not method acting! Having said that it was sweet to see the flirtatious moment between David and Dominique and how she jumped to his defense. But is that enough to help David step up his game? Is she going to go hands on and help him with his design in the next episodes like Cesar did for Ro? Will she be mother hen or suffocate him with love?