Laura Brown

Laura Brown knew Jeffrey could rise to the challenge, and that Dominique and Calvin could as well.

on Jan 26, 2011

Bravo: So we are talking about the final three, were you surprised at who made it to the finale and how do you feel about the round?

LB: I think Calvin developed week after week and showed that he could refine his point of view, and indeed that he had a point of view. I think people were surprised that Eduardo or Cesar didn't make it, but what was more interesting to the judges about these particular three  was that they were more adventurous and did something a little bit more distinctive, rather than pretty dresses everybody would like. I think they had more to show us.

Bravo: Each of the designers had to present a final 10-look collection, what were you hoping to see from each them?

LB: I was hoping for Dominique to do her wacky thing, but to be a bit more grown up about it. For Calvin, I was hoping he would take his signature—that great skirt he does, the cowl neck, that great sort of hip-swiveling flow he ha —with great fabrics and a level of taste that he didn't start out with. For Jeffrey, I wanted to see him work that great fluidity, but to give his collection a story.

Bravo: Let's talk about Calvin's collection, he has really evolved, he showed much simpler and more understated definitely compared to what he did last season. What do you think of his collection?

LB: I think you can see the bliss on my face that he didn't make something yellow with diamante and a camellia, because I swear to God that first outfit traumatized me. I just think he grew up. Whether his humility was faux or real, I don't really care; I liked his minimalist palette and his cuts. He listened to what people had to say to him. Thankfully, he wasn't too proud or too obnoxious to take it on board and I think he sort of reflected it more in what he designed.