Laura Brown

Laura Brown commends the bravery and grace of the designers this week, and doesn't worry too much about Eduardo's future.

on Jan 12, 2011

Bravo: This week's episode was all about accessories. Are you a big accessories person?

LB: I had to sort of school myself in accessories. My first Waterloo was shoes, when I was about 22. And I have never recovered. When it comes to hats and gloves and lots of trinket-y things, I'm not SO big on it, I wear like one ring (but a good ring). But a good bag and a good shoe can make the girl.

Bravo: Do you have any favorite pieces in your own collection?

LB: Yes, I have a Stefano Canturi art deco diamond ring that I really love. And my fearless leader Glenda Bailey gave me a gorgeous black Celine bag with a chain that I'll carry 'til I die (or I get mugged). For spring, I'm obsessed with the Fendi color-block wedges – like my life without them was nothing.

Bravo: What are some of the trends you’re seeing for 2011?

LB: Color. Color. Color. Fashion looks like a big fruit bowl for spring, and I think it's a fun way to put a little color in your look — in your shoe, or a bag. You don't want to look like a rainbow with your clothes — if you're a jeans and tank-top girl, put on those Fendi shoes and you'll look great. Well, that's my plan, anyway.

Bravo: The designers were really great this week. What impressed you guys so much about the collections?

Laura Brown: I think a lot of them really hit their stride, and they used the challenge to facilitate more glamour. The accessories worked really well as an embellishment to their signature style. They were a little scared at the beginning, but they really rose to it and pushed themselves a little bit, I think.