Stefan Campbell

Stefan gives us the backstory behind this week's card trick and, surprisingly ghostly, runway shows.

on Jan 12, 2011

Fashion Show #2: Grandma’s Attic

When I met with Emerald, Jeffrey was playing along with Cesar's concept of a tie-dye, Woodstock-inspired runway show. I suppose since he convinced Cesar not to ruin the white/ivory dresses with color, that he could not fight him on the idea for the presentation (and he chose his battle wisely).

Though Woodstock is a fun, wild concept (and great place to visit), it didn't work for looks Cesar and Jeffrey had created. So I gently guided the two away from hippies, and led them to Grandma's attic.

I made up a story of a young girl playing in her Grandma's attic, and finding the most outrageous accessories to play with. As the young girl is playing with her newfound treasures, her grandmother's ghost appears, wearing the clothes she had actually worn these amazing accessories with. Emerald loved it, and off I went to build their show.

The stage was filled with objects one might find in an eccentric grandma's attic and the runway itself was distressed to best highlight the pure white ghostly clothes. I had the rear projection screen removed to create an extra-long runway with the models/ghosts walking out of the darkness surrounded by spooky, yet ethereal light.

Congratulations Jeffrey for not only having the winning look (Malena
worked it!), but for convincing Cesar not to ruin your pure concepts
with dye or paint!

Both houses did a great job this week, but next week will have its challenges, with Calvin and Dominique working together. Meanwhile Cesar and Jeffrey collaborate beautifully (they even hold hands during my consults with them).

PS: I find it even more intriguing, and rather eccentric, that Calvin, Cesar, and Jeffrey all come from a family of 11-12 brothers and sisters each.