Stefan Campbell

Stefan Campbell shares his coastal biases, and his ultimate Bravo moment.

on Dec 15, 2010

Nami, and the New Jersey ladies had problems from the very beginning (Teresa pointing to David's dress and laughingly stating "that looks like throw up" was cringe- inspiring). Though Eduardo makes amazing "notice me" cocktail dresses, and Calvin, who has made gowns for a few challenges (remember the "yellow" Iman gown), their styles aren't necessarily what I would call genteel. And these Housewives are sharp and to the point with their opinions. Southern Belles they are not, but warm and caring they are. I felt for Caroline, because the initial dragon-meets-Peter Pan gown that David made for her was a fashion problem!

Eduardo did create an almost perfect dress for the stunning Dina (Andy Cohen was on set and playfully tell her she looked like her beloved hairless cat Mr. Wiggles!)

I was worried for the designers this week because the guest judge Susan Fales-Hill is so knowledgeable about the culture surrounding haute-couture and "dressing" to best suit the moment. Plus Isaac adores the housewives and wants them to all have an incredible experience. It was going to be tough.