Stefan Campbell

Stefan let us know how he exectued this week's high-stakes shows.

on Jan 19, 20110

Fashion Show #2: Calvin's Creation

Calvin started his consult by stating his motto: "Go big, or go home," as Dominique nervously stood by. After they explained the color palette to me, Calvin stated he hoped for an emotionless presentation (which is funny because he and Dominique are two of the most emotional designers on the show). He describe the no makeup-makeup look and music (none), and how he wanted the models to walk like zombies barefoot down the runway. (I had him demonstrate this for me…it was a good moment!)

I LOVED IT! The challenge was on for me to make a show out of his concept, and I ran with it.

I told Nami, I would create a world of lost women wandering around a snowy mountaintop, or tundra, after being trapped in a blizzard. To create this, I had two giant scrims built to create a blizzard effect, and a dramatic model reveal (I told Nami that this was an ode to Isaac and his stellar Unzipped show). The runway was blanketed in snow for the models to creep through. The music was perfectly spooky with longing echoes and winds until a rhythmic drumbeat took over (sorry Calvin but some music was needed).

For Calvin's finale dress, I had two fans in place for the model Shang-li to walk into…the closer she walked toward the snow covered backdrop on the RP, the wilder the dress and hair blow. The mood was tense.

Not all the judges loved the drama Nami created especially, Glenda Bailey of Harper's Bazaar, who felt women need real clothes in their lives and not the tricks she witnessed in this runway (Calvin's pregnant look on Rachel truly gave her back pain). However, I thought it was, daring with some of the models looking like the girl from The Ring (Dominique's black tsunami gown and Calvin's camel coat moments especially).

But overall the fashion and staging set a tones that sparked the reaction of moving these two into the finale--and driving those cool Ford Edge cars (did you check my fashion destination spots?).

Too bad we did not get to see a winning look from Nami. It would have been interesting if the judges would have given it to Calvin's beige coat (which Iman appreciated, and would have finally given him a challenge win) or Dominique's camel shorts look (Glenda did like this shorts and blouse combo).

And how crazy is it that even though Emerald only won two challenges for the entire season, its crazy that two of its founding members are in the finale next week!

Catalina la Grande
Catalina la Grande

Hi Stefan,

I hope you are going to stay with the fashion show throughout all the future seasons. You are amazing. Do they have an Emmy category for staging? You should get one of those statuettes. All the runways have been extraordinary but the finale was closed with a "Golden Brooch" (spanish expression). Thank you for all the beauty and ambience you created.


I agree, the staging was amazing, and I also would love to know what that music was that played for each of the house's.


Beautiful staging. But please tell -- what was the music used for House of Nami? (the spooky tune)