Stefan Campbell

Stefan Campbell shares how time travel and outer space inspired the shows this week.

on Dec 1, 2010

Fashion Show #2: Bright Sunny Day
This show was all Cesar! He whipped us all into shape (yes, including me) to make sure House of Emerald won this challenge. He had the idea of "keeping it simple" (sounds familiar) and to show on white (Cesar wanted a blank "7th on 6" meets Bryant Park—now Lincoln Center—feel) with a beautiful sunny day on the screens, optimistic really. I told the house that I would make sure the judges got a precise view of their designers but the clothes needed to be extra great--and they were.

With the teams "simple" direction in mind, I decided to do away with a raised runway altogether and have the model on an extra wide squared-off floorshow for an up close and personal feel. I wanted the mood to be crisp and sharp, like a futuristic Pleasantville. I had the stage faced in white and asked the art team to put a clear plexiglass over the white floor we laid down for a more brilliant shine. I know I wanted to create a tableau for the house so I had clear plexi cubes with mirrored bases made for a modern, sculptural feel (thanks to the art crew for making this happen so quickly). The clear cubes were important, because I wanted the models to look as if they were floating when I placed them on the cubes. To capture the Time Capsule challenge (and satisfy my love of outer space) I had the cloud formation (that looked like the skies of Montana) on the screens fade into a video of space travel through the galaxy a la Star Wars for the finale.

This show was fun to do because of Emerald's will to win and Cesar's quick change moment. The team wisely changed their line-up in the last minute, swapping Cesar's model for exits one and four as opposed to one and five, which could have be a timing disaster! Yes, Jeffrey won the challenge (the plaid matched in the center seam perfectly), and Golnessa received praise (both should thank Cesar for his guidance and expertise on constructing garments). But it was Cesar's clothes that were so beautifully made, especially the hand-painted "kite" meets African halter-look he whipped together and the sheer cocoon blouse that opened the show (did you notice he started the look as a dress then turned them into pedal pushers! CHIC!) along with Cindy's organza coat that sealed the win, I'm sure.  I was a little worried for Golnessa and her broken zipper moment backstage. Luckily the shape and feel of her dress caught the judges' attention, though razor sharp Iman did notice the zipper flaw through the sheer shawl, of course.

Time Capsule was intriguing to do, but I can't wait for the next challenge with the women of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES ("you prostitution whooooorrre!"). Should be fun!!