Stefan Campbell

Stefan loved how the houses presented completely different views of a NYC getaway.

on Dec 22, 2010

As if using found items and having to create extra looks were not enough, this week had a house mate switch-a-roo (David leaves Dominique and Jeffrey reunites with Calvin) plus only 24 hours to sort it all out! But we are fashion people, and we are up for the task! Both houses surprised me this week, because they each used NEW YORK for their inspiration for resort or "get away" dress when they had every beautiful island in the world to choose from. But don't get me wrong I LOVE THIS ISLAND, even Long Island, home of the Hamptons.

For this week's shows, I believe I put my tremendous new art team, headed by a tireless dynamo named Elspeth Benoit (Elle for those in the know) through their paces. Not only did I want them to build a freestanding tunnel meets security x-ray booth for Nami, but I wanted a full wood planked catwalk with real sand and tall grass growing from it. They rose to the occasion.


Nami, now 50 percent Emerald with Calvin and Jeffrey back together again, wanted their collection to be about a fast and fabulous New York City week end filled with nights out at The Boom Boom Room and Sex in the City style lunches by day. Strangely for resort and vacation dressing Calvin was envisioning a rainy day, which funnily enough supported Dominique's concept of a trench and sheath dress combo made out of old umbrellas (sounds like he was trying to be a team player). The house also spoke of black, gold, and grey as a color palette for the collection paired with big, bold zippers to tie everything together.

After my consult with Nami, I turned the tables a bit. I came up with a fictional "WHY BE BORED AT THE RAINY BEACH WHEN YOU CAN PARTY IN THE SIZZLING CITY?!" story of a poor little rich girl who was trapped in the Hamptons on a rainy chilling weekend and planned her escape, via Islip airport and landing at JFK, on her private jet for a weekend of city fun with her friends. For the back screens, I pieced together a montage of that journey starting with a down pour of rain which led our muse to the nearest airport. After she passes through security and body scanning, the journey takes us from her take off to landing; then driving on the L.I.E. through the Midtown Tunnel, were she ends up in NYC for disco dancing and champagne cocktails. The journey ends with her driving over the Manhattan Bridge with NYC in the distant background fading from memory(perhaps with a guy that she met at the club). The runway was a combination of an airport tarmac and city street (the catwalk was actually the dingy brown carpet I rejected from the Housewives episode painted black with yellow divide lines), and the lighting was designed to mimic search lights meets nightclub lights. My favorite piece was the black wood and plexiglass tunnel meets xray machine, which could have been amazing if we actually built it the whole length of the catwalk.

This show was incredibly dark in tone and in spirit, especially for Calvin who ended up yet again for the 6th time in 6 weeks to defend his clothes to the wall of judges... plus not being appreciated by either house must be troubling. I mean Jeffrey was the newest member of he house, and he quickly inserted himself in the Nami energy and way of creating.