Alex McCord Fashion Show

NYC Wife Alex McCord gives her critique of this week's Fashion Show looks.

on Jun 3, 2009

Angel’s pattern of second-guessing herself bugs me because I can’t stand indecisiveness – I would rather make a hard decision and live with it or adapt it. However, I do really like things she cooks up, and this episode her dress was hands down my favorite. When Isaac assigned her the shoes I chuckled – they seemed light years away from her aesthetic (mine too, for that matter.) The end result was a summery little “Maggie Norris gone wild,” which I absolutely loved and wished I’d had in my bag last weekend. Reco’s dress was stark and sexy and I’d wear it with my hair pulled back and the hat on, but he also bugged me this episode. We get it that you’re confident. Sometimes that is warranted and sometimes it isn’t. Does he finish first and stalk all the other designers with big wide eyes, like a certain blonde I know?? Oops, wrong show. Keith’s dress was the first piece I thought was truly inspired by the shoes rather than made to go with the shoes, and I loved the pink and black petal skirt. Beautiful.

Haven completely redeemed herself for me this week – if I’d been at the show they’d have had to bag check me for that jumpsuit. Interesting as I’d never choose the shoes on their own but with the outfit the look really worked. What was Merlin thinking?!? There was just too much going on with that dress even though I love orange – wish he’d gone denim. Maybe if he kept the detail down the front but made the bodice tight vs. flowy it would have been more pulled together. On the fence about Anna’s look – the top was intriguing but thought the pants and shoes were kind of boring. Come on Brooklyn, step it up! James-Paul is always interesting but I was less wowed by this look than some of his other pieces, though if it came my way I’d probably wear it.

Johnny’s look was really well executed and pulled together, even if I wouldn’t personally go for a ruffle right there, and Daniella’s look was hot. That material has to either fit perfectly or be stuffed perfectly, which can sometimes be difficult, but the outfit came together without being too matchy and it rocked.