Alex McCord

Real Housewife of NYC Alex McCord sizes up The Fashion Show competition.

on May 21, 2009

Hey Bravo fans … our show is over and we’re off the hot seat for a little while. Show madness is morphing into bookwriting, work, and life madness, and I’m kind of excited that I get to be a TV viewer again for a bit!

It’s absolutely true that prior to doing RHoNYC Simon and I didn’t watch reality TV. At all.  Once we finished filming season one of our show, we then started watching pretty much everything on Bravo. For a while we literally recorded every show, and what stuck? Project Runway, of course. Out of the whole Bravo lineup it was the one that became must-see TV for us, so when the whole Lifetime thing happened we had to do the gentile version of sitting Shiva for it. Sorry folks, it was a great show but I’m not flipping to Lifetime for it! That’s why we were beyond excited to hear about The Fashion Show. Designers who have been working for a while and want to go wide with their work, professional models (yay Cory!) and of course Issac Mizrahi, with whom I’ve been a little bit obsessed ever since Unzipped. Don’t worry Issac, I’m not showing up at your apartment. Yet.

Playing catch-up this week with two episodes, so here goes. We meet the designers and go straight into the little black dress challenge. So excited that I loved Keith’s LBD, which brings a disclaimer — not only do I know Keith, I’m actually wearing one of his dresses out tonight. But I will be objective, I promise! I liked James-Paul’s garment bag idea. So shoot me. But not with the safety pins. 

With the first team challenge it became obvious that one issue with designers who have already been working professionally is that some have gotten a little too comfortable with having cutters and sewers. Loved Issac’s line in Episode 2 that you can’t write recipes without knowing how to cook. Out of the three must-have pieces, the bolero jacket was the clear winner. I wanted to like the tube dress, but if a professional model needs Spanx to get it on, it isn’t working. Harem pants? Would not buy them. I did like the collection Team Harem built, and liked the idea of choosing something really bizarre as a must-have piece, but they looked liked shiny pajama pants. Reco’s attempt was the strongest.