Kenley Collins

Project Runway's Kenley Collins gives the rundown of the best and worst of Fashion Show this week.

on Jun 19, 2009

This episode of The Fashion Show forced the designers to work in pairs. This can either work out really well or be a disaster, so it’s really scary going into it.

In the mini challenge, the designers transformed interns nightlife walk of shame outfit into proper business. This was Johnny and Merlin's episode. They were the clear winners in my eyes for both challenges, but only won the mini. They clearly had the most change in outfit and were the most creative with what they had. I loved the belt buckle as the broach.

James Paul and Lidia had an OK business look, but I really didn’t see much change at all.

Haven and Anna’s were not impressive and showed no creativity.

Daniella and Reco, who usually have the best consistently, did not do well at all in this episode. Although both good designers, clearly they can’t work together and you saw the stress in their designs. That draped dress over a collared shirt was sloppy and silly.

For the elimination challenge, they stayed in pairs and, of course, some liked it and its no secret who hated it. They had to design for Isaac’s line, which is really an amazing challenge. I love him and of course admire his use of color.

There were two clear bests and two clear worsts.

I disagree with the judges, and thought that Johnny and Merlin should’ve won. Yes, the coat was felt and I really don’t know what Johnny was thinking, but that aside, the choice of color, fabrics, and silhouette was a joy to see come down the runway. I would wear that anywhere. It was very pretty.