Kenley Collins

Project Runway's Kenley Collins gives the rundown of the best and worst of Fashion Show this week.

on Jun 19, 2009

Haven and Anna’s design was good. I thought their lines were somewhat interesting and clean and the pop color top really was a nice surprise when she pulled off the large black coat.

Daniella and Reco had a really hard time collaborating. The design turned out very thrifty. I felt like I was in one of those really bad thrift stores, where you can’t find the good vintage but you’ve dug all day, so you settle for the weird granny look but I don’t know if I would even give it that, because it’s borderline Talbots, which you just don’t even want to go there.

James Paul and Lidia’s design was really bad. I’m not sure if they stopped once and considered that they were designing an outfit together. But clearly, the nightmare was in Lidia’s dress. The placement of that large scale of shine made the model look huge and like she had a big belly. And what was with it going right across the largest part of the butt? I mean, are you trying to make her look huge?! It couldn’t be any more unflattering for women of any size and shape.