Reco dishes on his losing team's missteps.

May 14, 2009

Wow this challenge was a very good learning experience for me as a designer and as an individual who likes to grow and learn. Our challenge was to create a look for Tinsley, a popular socialite of New York, whom I know nothing about. As she entered the workroom, style was written all over her face. With smoky eyes and an out of this world outfit and shoes to die for. It could have cost $2.50 but she looked like a million bucks. Our group captain was Miss Chattanooga “Haven.” She knew the direction she wanted to go in but she wasn’t confident in her decisions. Our team went back and forth in choices she should have dealt with, but at the end we ended up on the chopping block for elimination. I know that this was going to happen because the poor conduction of my teammates' garments. Now here I am with a beautiful cocktail dress on the losing team. In the beginning I felt Markus should have gone home because he looked like the weakest link until the end. But Laura’s look coming down the runway was a complete mess!!! She had to go home, not only for her poor construction, but she was not easy to work with…