The Flavors of the 2018 Mystery Peeps Have Been Revealed (And We Were Way Wrong)

What are the flavors of Mystery Peeps for 2018? Not what we thought at all.

Last week, we told you all about our favorite pre-Easter custom: Mystery Peeps! For the past four springs, confectioner Just Born has introduced three varieties of mysteriously flavored marshmallow chickadees, and sugar enthusiasts nationwide go nuts trying to guess them.  

As a refresher, these were the guesses from myself, four friends, and one small child:

Peeps Mystery #1: Bubblegum, Necco Wafer, root beer, wintergreen, licorice, cinnamon

Clearly, this one was all over the map. How we could conflate bubblegum with licorice with wintergreen? My takeaway was that it’s a very familiar, very nostalgic flavor that was just on the tips of our tongues (literally). And the answer was… ROOT BEER FLOAT!

Peeps Mystery #2: Lemon meringue, lemon, cotton candy, lemon, lemon meringue, green marshmallow cinnamon

We all knew this had a citrus essence (well, okay, except for the small child who guessed “green marshmallow cinnamon” and the grown man who guessed cotton candy), but we all missed the subtle nuance that Beyoncé knows so well… LEMONADE!

Peeps Mystery #3: Blue raspberry, blueberry, Sour Patch Kids, blue raspberry, mixed berry, strawberry peanut butter cherry

The flavor on number three was exceptionally strong. It had a scent that emanated from the packaging and a taste that made our cheeks pucker in (hence the Sour Patch Kids guess). But more than anything, it had that highly specific taste of a fruit that only exists in candyland… BLUE RASPBERRY!

Although the mysteries have officially been spoiled, the Peeps have not: You can still snag these squishy snacks at Walmart while supplies last. Thanks for playing, and see you next year!

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