We Finally Know if Hoda and Kathie Lee Are Really as Buzzed as it Seems on the TODAY Show

TODAY co-host Hota Kotb spills the answer to colleague and friend Al Roker.

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford are well known for boozing it up in their roles as TODAY Show hosts; Hoda is now a co-host of the 8 o'clock hour, as well as the 10 o'clock hour with Kathie Lee. But are they really as tipsy as viewers have long believed?

Hoda's dear friend and TODAY colleague Al Roker asked her that very question when she joined him for TODAY.com's Cold Cuts With Al Roker, in which the host invites celebs on set for a chat while they make a sandwich inspired by the star's favorite things.

"We are only buzzed during the show if we do three in a row," Hoda told Al. "Like, sometimes we have to tape multiple shows. So if you’re the last guest on the last show, we’d like to apologize… to all of you," she said while pointing out to viewers at home.  

"Otherwise, we’re usually in perfect form," Hoda said — though she added, "oh god," while rolling her eyes — as if to suggest memories of some noon hangovers she'd rather forget. 

Press play above to watch Al's whole revealing chat with Hoda — and check out the curious story he got Lance Bass to tell him on the same set!

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