These Are the 2 Best Food Companies to Work for in America

LinkedIn ranked the top desired jobs in the country.

Two giants in the food industry have made a list of most desired places to work in America. The top performers in the LinkedIn Top Companies 2018 list, which calculates factors including user interest, job demand, and employee retention, probably wouldn't come as too much of a surprise — it's full of major online corporations like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Scroll a little bit further down the list and you'll see two food-related companies in the top 50, skimming in at numbers 46 and 47, respectively. The best of the two is Starbucks, which employs approximately 277,000 across the world and offers tuition reimbursement for college students.

PepsiCo, which has a global staff of 260,000, is right on Starbucks' heels, though, with employee-forward initiatives like the relatively new Ready to Return internship program, which helps people who have taken a few years off of the workforce back into the working world.

So, while "have a Coke and a smile" might be an '80s slogan that everyone who was alive back then still remembers, it's Pepsi that is one of the places in America where people are happiest to work.

Not on the list, but still worth noting, In-N-Out remains one of America's best food companies to work for... with store managers making a whopping $160,000 salary, and employees reporting extremely happy conditions at work. (Plus... animal-style fries!)

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