Photo of Beyoncé Holding a Juice Box Is Rare Piece of Evidence That She Is a Mere Earthly Mortal

She may be the queen, but Blue Ivy is the boss of her.

In general, we can't imagine that Beyoncé is one to be shushed — or to be anyone's personal juice-box carrier. But, Blue Ivy Carter is not just anyone. The six year old is, after all, a direct descendent of Queen Bey herself. So, we're not surprised that the little one gets a little royal treatment from time to time.

Look, Grammy night was busy for the pint-size style star. Not only did she have to quell her parents embarrassing excitement over Camilla Cabello's speech (simmer down, mom and dad!), she also had to stay hydrated and nourished during the hours-long ceremony. The girl could use some help multitasking, so it's a good thing her superstar mama was on hand to help her juggle fruit snacks and juice boxes. Wait, isn't that what ordinary mothers do? Ones who are mortal

That's right: Beyoncé held a juice box for her mini me, in the same hand that was cloaked in diamonds bigger than her home state of Texas. She also brought along some fruit snacks, in which both her daughter and her husband (his name's Jay-Z? heard of him?) partook. Because in the end, it would seem... somehow... Beyoncé is human. 

And if you think you're excited by this surprising development, you should see how the Internet reacted.

Indeed, the incident provided plenty of juice for hilarious memes. See what we did there?

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