Carla Hall's Dream Dinner Party Guest Might Surprise You: "I Would Like to Have a Moment Without Freaking Out!"

She met this prospective diner before the demise of The Chew.

Carla Hall just dropped her new cookbookCarla Hall’s Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration, in which she guides readers through a whopping 145 new recipes to consider for regular meals as well as for parties, so she's currently on a tour of cooking demos, meals, and appearances in support of the book. During this tour, she's revealed a ton: how she rebounded after failure, her thoughts on Mario Batali... and her dream dinner guest! Anyone would be lucky to get a dinner party invite from this popular Bravo's Top Chef alum and former co-host of The Chew, which ended over the summer, but who would her ideal dinner party guest be?

"I love Carol Burnett," she told The Feast. " I loved Carol Burnett when I was growing up and for five years, I said, 'Oh my gosh, when are we gonna get Carol Burnett on the show?' Finally last season, like two weeks before it ended, we got Carol Burnett and I was holding my breath for three solid segments and I just hyperventilated when she left."

"I super-fanned, and she is just amazing," she continued. "She was a renegade, you know, having her own show as a woman and a lot of the things that she overcame — we’re still in that space. I would just like to have a moment where I could just sit down and chat with her without freaking out."

Are you listening, Carol Burnett?

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