The 13 Most Horrifyingly Hilarious Christmas Dessert Fails We Could Find on Instagram

Why do so many of these look like penises?!

Ever since the invention of social media, Christmas baking has gotten more competitive than ever. It's no longer just out-decorating your neighbors or going toe-to-toe at the elementary school's bake sale: It's now proving your pastry prowess to all of your friends on Pinterest.

But for every mind-blowingly beautiful Buche de Noel, there is another cake with a frosting fiasco, or a cookie with icing that creates an incidental penis. Thankfully, there are plenty of subpar bakers who are able to laugh at themselves and share their fails on social media — and that, truly, is our favorite Christmas miracle.

Here are some of our favorites. (Fair warning that an alarming number of these are sort of NSFW!)

#gingerbreadhouse #gingerbreadhousefail #onethingisnotliketheother #imspecial

A post shared by John Salewicz (@jfsalewicz) on

#ChristmasCookieFail 🕯or 🍆

A post shared by Rick Westover (@rick_in_pics) on

Hmm not sure these turned out correctly #christmascookiefail

A post shared by Sarah🌿Cioffi (@mrscioffi) on

He was supposed to be a smiling bear. 😔🎄🍪 #christmascookiefail

A post shared by Rachael Flora (@rachaelflorafauna) on

Attack of the #ChristmasPenis

A post shared by Claude ßernal (@claudius_ut) on

Attempted to make the hulk and ended up with Gumby... #Christmascookiefail

A post shared by Arantxa (@littlemisslatina) on

My brother's decorating skills... Ps. He's 2. #christmaspenis

A post shared by Mo (@0fficialmo) on

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