Christmas Pizza Exists, and it Tastes Like Holiday Spirit

Santa came early!

'Tis the season to feel zero remorse about eating what your heart desires — stockings full of treats, spreads of family recipes, and, you know, other necessities like Industry Kitchen's Christmas Pizza.

The New York City hot spot with East River views is known for its colorful and unique takes on Italy's gift to the world. Executive Chef Braulio Bunay is a pro at creating recipes that are equal parts Insta-ready and tasty. Perhaps you're familiar with his already-viral pizzas, the rainbow "unicorn" pie known as Pop Candy Land Pizza and the ultra expensive 24K Pizza that boasts a luxury $2,000 price tag?

Nope? Sort of? Well, Santa (aka Chef Bunay) came early, because Industry Kitchen's limited edition red and green work of edible art is ready for munching, according to his Instagram.

Bravo caught up with Chef Bunay, who is originally from Ecuador, to delve into the specifics of his latest creation. (No, a bite of the holiday spirit won't cost you thousands of dollars... rather a mere $25.)

What is Christmas Pizza?

Christmas Pizza is made with red and green dough twisted together, Chef Bunay tells us, creating a present-like effect. It's topped with a schmear of rum spice-infused pineapple, shredded gruyère cheese, crispy pancetta, and two sweet ingredients: coconut flakes and cherries. Color us intrigued.

As far as what those vastly different ingredients taste like in a single bite, Chef Bunay says your palate can expect a flavor reminiscent of a piña colada, making Christmas Pizza a dream for those looking to mentally escape Winter's bitter chill... and a nightmare for those who think pineapple doesn't belong on pizza (cough Gordon Ramsay cough).

The photo-ready pizza inspired by "the spirit of Christmas" will depart Industry Kitchen's menu on January 1, so act fast if you want to try it!

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