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Does Anyone in Hollywood Actually Eat at the Golden Globes Dinner Ceremony?

You might be surprised.

The Golden Globes award ceremony is coming up this weekend at the Beverly Hilton, when 1,200 A-list-only guests will take over the hotel’s International Ballroom to fete their own… over a meal. Yes, that’s right: Unlike the Oscars, for instance, which sees guests seated in rows in a theater environment, the Globes welcomes guests for a proper three-course dinner prepared by the hotel’s chefs. 

And that’s nice and all — but it’s painful to think of all that beautiful food going to waste amid a crowd known more for dietary restrictions and a total eschewal of carbs than for enjoying food with any abandon. So does anyone in Hollywood actually eat at the Golden Globes? 

“You might be surprised,” Beverly Hilton executive pastry chef Thomas Henzi told The Feast (clip above). “A lot of the plates actually come back cleaned up… because everybody is actually fitting into their gowns and their beautiful suits ahead of time! The Golden Globes is really a fun event where people come to party — and I think they do enjoy their food.”

Beverly Hilton executive chef Alberico Nunziata seconds that notion wholeheartedly. “The plates get clear. There’s not so much time [to eat]: They will have 25 minutes for the salad, 24 minutes for the entree, and 15 minutes for the dessert. But trust me — the food goes away!”

Henzi adds that guests are offered a wide variety of options. So while the whole menu is actually entirely organic and gluten free (a change new for this year), there will also be options for vegans and other restrictive diets along with the mainstream fare of burrata salad, Chilean sea bass, and a gold-dusted chocolate pyramid for dessert. “We’ve got everybody covered,” he assures.

With his signature enthusiasm and Italian cultural expressiveness, Nunziata added a few words to help relax the high-strung-around-food members of the Hollywood crowd: “Don’t worry — there is a little bit of carbs. But don’t get scared… you need the energy!”

Sound advice indeed.

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