Domino's Pizza Has a Baby Registry Now So You Can Stop Pretending to Care About Pastel Onesies

Slice, slice, baby. (Get it?)

Earlier this year, you might’ve noticed that Domino’s debuted its very own wedding registry. Created with pizza-obsessed couples in mind, it was a cheesy hit. And now the pizza chain has some more news. Yes, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... Domino’s new baby registry!

What does that mean, exactly? Well, parents who love their babies and their pizza with equal enthusiasm can register for gifts that speak to their truest loves. As of November 29, parents-to-be can create their very own registries online and fill it with actual food (e.g. the "Hormonal and Hangry, "an assortment of doughy food including pizza, sub sandwiches, wings, and brownies) or fun clothing and accessories and even party decor.

There’s a punny mug:


It's $18, and you know new parents need it for copious coffee in their overtired states.

There’s also a matching clothing set:

A tee for the parent, and a onesie for the baby — it doesn’t get any cuter. Or cheesier. Except that it does, because the parent’s tee features a nearly full pie with just one slice missing… and the MIA slice is on the baby onesie. Somebody Instagram this set ($31), stat!

Once expectant parents have filled out their registry, they’ll be able to share it with family and friends. However! According to People, the food related gifts will be delivered as Domino’s eGift Cards, so those much-needed pizza orders can be placed whenever.

Domino’s director of digital marketing, Meenakshi Nagarajan, said in a statement, “Our baby registry makes it easy to enjoy pizza during the exciting events leading up to the baby’s arrival and thereafter.”

And yeah, it’s freaking genius.

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