Here's Why Pampered Facebook Employees Won't Get Free Lunch Anymore

Thousands of tech workers will suddenly have to forage for their own food.

Free, high-quality food is known to be a major perk of working at Silicon Valley tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook, but the latter is making headlines because the social network giant's new office is located in a city that has banned companies from subsidizing in-office staff meals in order to encourage people to patronize local restaurants.

That's a bummer for employees, who have generally shouted out the on-campus food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Glassdoor as among the top perks of working at Facebook. At their current campus in Menlo Park, CA, employees can graze through 11 different eateries and choose from such delights as duck confit with peach jam, ramen smoked meats, and bacon flights.

Facebook can still choose to pay for employee meals off-campus, but if they don't, the average salary of $116,000 per year should be helpful for when employees need to forage for food on their own.

The news has also spawned a copycat measure by two San Francisco city supervisors who are proposing a so-far-unpopular tech cafeteria ban. It's now in committee for discussion.

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