Thought You'd Seen it All? Get Ready to Paddle Up to the World's First *Floating* Food Truck

There's novelty left in the food-truck business!

Food trucks are a billion dollar business that have revolutionized the concept of eating on the go. (Thanks to Roy Choi and his Korean-fusion taco joint Kogi BBQ for being one to popularize it.) But just when you thought there might be no new frontiers to be found for mobile food... here's one for ya.

Meet Aqua Pod, a floating kitchen being developed by Aquatic Architects Design Studio in Dubai that's expected to launch in February.

“The goal here is to redefine the idea of a food truck — which is always found on land — and to develop what you can call a floating kitchen that serves people who are in marine craft rather than cars,” Aquatic Architects Design Studio founder Ahmad Yousuf explained to Gulf News (via Food & Wine).

While the format may be entirely new, but the opening menu isn't anywhere near as experimental — just burgers to start.

Aquatic Architects also have a pretty sexy floating coffee shop in development. 

Rendering: Aquatic Architects Design Studio

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