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Feast Your Eyes on the Super-Fancy Chocolate Dessert (Topped With Real Gold!) the Stars Will Eat at the Golden Globes

And this is how much that gold costs, according to the Beverly Hilton’s pastry chef.

We have on very good authority that even Hollywood's most disciplined stars relax a little an indulge in the three-course dinner served up at the televised ceremony from the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. And we're glad to hear that because... the dessert being prepared for this Sunday's event looks just way to good to go uneaten.

It’s an Italian-inspired dessert comprised of a white chocolate mousse, Frangelico creme brûlée, including high-quality imported coffee from Italy, served on a plate dotted with strawberry and chocolate sauces. A layer made with hazelnuts also imported from Italy encrusts the bottom of the pyramid-shaped confection. And a chocolate plaque emblazoned "75" — for the show’s milestone 75th anniversary —  stands in front.

“It looks very simple, but there’s a lot of things happening,” Thomas Henzi, the Beverly Hilton’s executive pastry chef, told The Feast (clip above).

As for that real gold that decorates a ball and graceful chocolate spiral atop the treat? “We actually take the gold, it comes in a powder form, and I brush it onto an acetate sheet. It adheres very well. And then I pipe the chocolate, then we chill it and remove it, and it sticks to the chocolate.” 

What’s the tab on the gold used in 1,200 desserts for A-listers seated for the big awards dinner? “Roughly $1,000,” Henzi explained.

Watch the full clip above for all the juicy details, including a video demo of the masterpiece's creation and final look!

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