QUIZ: Who Yelled It — A Real Housewife, or Gordon Ramsay?

The game that's harder than you might think!

One reason so many of us love The Real Housewives? They serve up hilarious, ultra-quotable (and often savage) dialogue. They're brilliant, chalk full of vim and vigor, with wit for days. Wouldn’t you agree, ya prostitution whore?

And recently, we realized they’re not unlike the celebrity chef most known for his outspoken, er, charms: Gordon Ramsay. He doesn’t yell expletives out of anger, he yells them as motivation. (And love, we presume.)

It’s pretty amazing how all of these things — insults, love, wit, expletives, motivation, charm — can be so easily conflated. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to tell who has said what. Do you think you can differentiate between Real Housewives-style shade and Gordon Ramsay's own breed? Take our quiz and find out!

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