Taco Bell Is Giving Away a Free Taco to Anyone Who Wants One Today — Here's How to Get Yours

Get your free Taco Bell taco today — and thank the Golden State Warriors. 

In honor of the Golden State Warriors stealing game three of the NBA Championships, Taco Bell is giving away a free taco today to every single person in America who wants one. The concept is known as "Steal a Taco," and the fast-food chain is actually making it exceptionally easy to get your free Doritos Locos taco in the one-day-only promotion today — that's June 13, from 2 to 6 p.m. at all Taco Bell locations.

Cool, free tacos. But what is a Doritos Locos taco?! Well, it consists of a nacho cheese-flavored Dorito taco shell, filled with ground beef, lettuce, and cheese.

The promotion's name is a riff off the notion that the Warriors "stole" the game because the away team won — but as Eater snarked, "T-Bell would have given away free tacos if the Cavaliers had won a game in Northern California, too. It’s as if the chain isn’t actually celebrating the Warriors, but is just using their win as a promotional opportunity to lure potential customers to its restaurants." (Really? Could it be?!)


Free is definitely a good lure, but please don't try stealing tacos any other day than June 13, or you might get arrested. Word to the wise.

Now get out there and enjoy your free taco, with a value of $1.49!

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