This Is What Happens When You Ask Jose Andres How to Microwave a Frozen Turkey

The Bravo’s Top Chef guest judge was the latest victim of the 25-pound turkey challenge.

This holiday season, kids everywhere are headed straight to the top of the naughty list for pranking their parents. Here's how it goes: A (shady) kid texts Mom or Dad asking how to microwave a 25-pound turkey, the parent responds appropriately (i.e. with shock and dismay), and the whole hilarious conversation goes viral.

The latest dad to get punk'd by this ruse? None other than Bravo's Top Chef guest judge Jose Andres. The philanthropic chef shared what went down on Twitter after his daughter pranked him, posting the text conversation that went down between him and his clan. "I wish my daughter Carlota trolled only the 'mothers' ..." he wrote. 

 "She almost gave me a heart attack," the chef added of his daughter's text. 

OK, now hide this story, quick — so you can prank your own parents!  And in the meantime, scroll through some other #25PoundTurkey convos. 

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