This Is The Best Music to Cook To, According to Ina Garten

Look what you made me chop ... 

If you ever find yourself in Ina Garten's kitchen, helping her toast croutons or roast a chicken, we hope you don't mind girl-power pop anthems. When chatting with Kitchn, the Barefoot Contessa's assistant Lidey Heuck painted a picture of what it's like to cook alongside the famous chef. And — just imagine this — the scene involves a little Shania Twain. 

"We both have a thing for girl power music while cooking, so Taylor Swift and Shania Twain are regulars," Heuck said. But, hang on, the Hamptons chef also skews international with her taste in music. (Hey, just like her taste in pasta recipes!) 

"Ina also loves music from Hotel Costes in Paris. It’s funky and upbeat and is the perfect background music for cooking," Heuck added. And that's not all: "We also listen to a lot of classic ’70s soul, R&B, and Motown. We’ve also been listening to a lot of Leon Bridges lately!"

So basically, cooking with Ina Garten is like one big party plucked from a Nancy Meyers film. Ina, if you're reading and you ever need a sous chef with modest home-cooking skills...

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