Kylie Jenner Clears Up the Rumors She Sparked With Her Drink Choice at Her 21st Birthday Bash

The color of Kylie Jenner's cup started it all.

Kylie Jenner's over-the-top 21st birthday party included a Barbie gone wild cake — and a color-coded drink system that looked like the best icebreaker ever. But the guest of honor sparked rumors that she has split with her partner Travis Scott (who was there at the party and gifted her a vintage Rolls-Royce, NBD) because those color-coded drinks got Kylie in a bit of a pinch.

To recap, the party game encouraged guests in relationships were to grab pink cups; yellow cups for single folks; and those for whom "it's complicated" could be easily identified in the crowd by their green cups. So why was Kylie seen holding a yellow cup?

"I def didn't know what color I was holding!!! Someone just handed me that. Lol deffff takennn," Kylie wrote in the comments of an Instagram fan page that questioned it.

So there you have it.

Kylie was also drinking alcohol, so no need to fire up the second pregnancy rumors at this point. Unlike that one time Kylie played a drinking game while actually pregnant — try to keep up.

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